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Pre-requisites: You need an Okta account to access the ATLAS Welkom Center
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  • In this article you will learn how to access the ATLAS Welkom Center with your Okta account
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Accessing ATLAS Welkom Center through Okta

To access the ATLAS Welkom Center you have to have an Okta account. users have this account already from SAFE. Other Agencies members, EFMs and family members can access ATLAS Welkom Center too with an Okta account, you probably have one already to user other ADG and DOS applications. If you don't have such an account, open a ticket with the ADG support and we are happy to create one for you.




Where do I log-in to Okta?

To log in to Okta you go to this URL link: 

From the Okta page you click on this tile:


Welcome to the ATLAS Welkom Center. You will see this page with the first log-in:






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