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In ATLAS Welkom Center you can add events to your Post's site!  Events appear below the newsletters with the date and the title. 

Up to five future events will be listed at-a-glance, with the option to see more events using a little button at the right upper corner.

Events in the past will not appear on your Post's site, however you can keep them at the calendar for historical reasons.


Creating an Event

To add an event, navigate to 'Administration' and click on 'Events.'


Click the '+Create New' button in the upper right corner of the Event window.


Enter the Name, Description, Date (could also be an All Day Event), Location, and (if needed) a Contact for this event.  The Geolocation and URL are both nice to include, if desired.


Don't forget to click the 'SAVE CHANGES' button in the right upper corner of the screen.


Below is an example of how the events will appear on your site:



Editing an Event

If you want to edit an event, navigate back to the Event page and click on the little 'Pencil' icon.


In the 'Edit Event' window, make the necessary changes to the event. 


Please do not forget to click on the 'SAVE CHANGES' button in the right upper corner of your screen.


Deleting an Event

If you want to delete an Event navigate back to the Event site, as shown above in this article. 

Click on the little 'Recycle Bin' icon at the right side of the line and your event will be deleted.




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