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We added a new Category for you which you can switch on or off like you need at post. You can rename this Category to meet your need and add information about very special topics at your post which are outside of the four default categories. We allow posts to change the shade of the color.




How to setup/edit the new Category

To set up the additional Category you navigate to the 'Administration' drop-down at the top bar and click on 'Categories'


At the 'Categories' window you see the fith Category named 'Other'.

Tip: This is the only category you can rename or disable.


With the 'Enabled' switch you can turn the fith category on (blue) and off (grey)


You can rename the fith category with just typing your desired text into the textfield


To change the shade of the color for a category click on the color chose the shade you want


Clicking on the little 'Pencil' icon leads you to this window, were you just can change the color for all categories. 



Tip: Only for the fith category you edit the name of the category, the color and enable or disable the category


All changes get automatically saved.

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