How to Add New Content Managers and Assign Permission Roles Follow

Pre-requisites: Post Administrator Permissions
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  • Adding Content Managers
  • Assigning Permission Roles
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  • Post Administrator
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  • Post Administrator


In this article you will learn how to add a Content Manager to your Post and how to apply the appropriate role for the Content Manager.  You also learn how to remove a Content Manager, as Post is responsible for monitoring the remove and addition of Content Managers.





Adding a Content Manager
At the Administration dropdown click 'Administrators.'


Next, select 'Add Administrator.'



Type the name of the person you would like to add and click 'Search.'


If the desired person is not listed you can add a new Okta account for this person.

Just click on 'Add New User to Okta'


This new context window will open up and you can enter the needed information. The Email field can contain every other email address than a address. 

Please add the First Name and the Last name, the Middle name is optional and click on 'add'


The user for the new Okta account will receive and email and has to reset the password.


How to apply the Content Manager Role

After the user is picked window appears. You can add the information for the 'Roles Last Modified By ' field for the records, and at the date at the 'Roles Last Modified On' field.


Now click on the '+Add Role' button and choose 'Content Manager'. 



NOTE: The 'Administrator Manager' is just for Content Managers who should add new Content Managers to your post

Don't forget to click on the 'Save Changes' button at the right upper corner!


How to remove a Content Manager

If a Content Manager left post remove the role from that person.

You navigate to the 'Administrators' drop-down and click on the name of the person you want to remove


Click on the little pen icon


The user window opens up and now you remove the role for the user with clicking on the 'Delete' button


Don't forget to click on the 'Save Changes' button at the right upper corner!


TIP: If you are uncertain about permission roles, click on the the blue 'Roles Documentation' button to get more information.


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