eContact includes PA data, and some posts are trying PD-CRM. Should posts use both? Follow

PD-CRM is a project run by the Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP) in Washington. Telegrams and other informational resources are available from IIP with specifics about use, licensing restrictions, and other guidance for PA sections.

eContact is a product of the EUR-IO Application Development Group (ADG) for EUR and IO bureau posts to use for official contact and event (and gratuity, etc.) management throughout the post with no licensing concerns.  eContact is developed and supported by staff located in Europe and who serve in overseas posts who have deep insight into how official contacts, events, gratuities, and other aspects of overseas operations work. 

It's up to each mission to find the right balance of tools, workflow and information sharing that meets their needs.  We are happy to help consult on this with any mission, but only when all players in contact management across the mission are at the table to find a workable solution.



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