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User Permission Levels

Accessing and modifying user-specific permissions on a per-section or system-wide level requires administrative permissions to your post in eContact. This is commonly done by the ISC at post, but may also be delegated to business process owners, including one or more Office Management Specialists or a Protocol Office.

Permissions to Sections:

User access to data for specific sections (eg. EXEC or CONS) is defined separately for each section they can access. From the Access Limit drop-down list, an admin may assign:

  • Limited View: Restricted read-only access to "Official" and "Labels" tabs
  • Full Access: can view and edit all data for their assigned section
  • View Only: Can view all data but make no changes to it
  • View Only (Except PA): Can view all data but can only make edits to the PA Data tab

Standard Users:

These users are the general users of the application. Normally they are restricted to being able to only view/edit their sections contacts and create new Work Items e.g. Appointments, Campaigns, Events, Gratuities.  Only eContact Administrators can create User accounts and assign permissions; Standard users should NOT have access to the UserList table.

Default user permissions for standard users:

Special and Admin Permissions: 

View and Edit all data in all Records: If this box is checked the user has FULL access to all ContactOf whether there are entries in Section field or not.

View all data in all Records: When this box is ticked, the user can view all the data in all records. Editing rights are still determined by the Contact Of assigned to the user

Super User: Super users have elevated privileges within the application which allows them to:

  • Unlock events
  • Edit custom labels
  • Manage custom free fields
  • View all created Filters

Allow Database Management: Required for system administrators responsible for maintaining a local installation of eContact on post-managed servers.

Allow Userlist Table: eContact Administrators must have this box checked to enable them to add and manage eContact users at their post, configuring the application including adding Delegate Email address if applicable.



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