How do I manage an offsite event? Follow

Two good answers:

1: Is this offsite event at an OpenNet connected facility? Great: Fire up eContact and use the Event-->Check-in tab to scan in or manually check-in your participants and their guests.

2: If not, we strongly advise you use our purpose-built Offline Check-In tool, designed to work with extracted data from eContact and to seamless import back your after-action results. To learn more, view our recorded webinar here or grab a copy of the tool and dive right in.

Alternatively, you can remotely access your eContact data using a non-OpenNet internet connection (wifi/3G, etc.) over both Global OpenNet. USB barcode scanners that work like a normal USB keyboard will generally work fine over this environment.

XenMobile-protected iPhones and iPads and Department BlackBerries can also provide some limited access to eContact, but your mileage may vary. Neither have proven reliable or transparent enough that we have expended great resources in developing and testing the event check-in tab to work in these environments.



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