How do I use Excel exports from eContact to reach my contacts? Follow

Why use mail merge? 

eContact does not have built-in Labels, Envelopes or Name Tags nor does the application manage these for the user. These artifacts are created by the user in their desktop office suite, to give you more control over their printing than we can give you in any web application.

eContact's campaigns module is a great way to reach out to large groups of people, but when handling a smaller group and/or seeking to reuse time-tested email templates from your CMD days, this can also be a fine way to crank out batches of up to 200 emails.

Data as Excel vs. Pre-Defined Templates

eContact was designed to give the user the data required to generate Labels, Envelopes, Name Tags and more offline using Microsoft Mail Merge. 

Exporting data from eContact

In your event, list, gratuities list, etc run an Excel export. (Custom Excel may also work, but will give you less data to select from in Microsoft Word.)

Using Microsoft Mail Merge

  1. Open existing template or new document
  2. Go to the Mailing Tab
    • Click Select Recipients
      • Use Existing List
  3. Select previously exported eContact Participant Data
  4. On the Mailing Tab, under Insert Merge Fields, insert the Merge fields you require in your template.  
  5. Once finished, you can save your template for re-use and won’t have to insert the Merge Fields again.
  6. Generate your final document or email using the Finish and Merge option to print or send emails:



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