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 General tips

Search the entire application, looking for events, contacts, lists and other items with the "Search" tab in the Navigation Bar.

The percentage sign % is a wildcard used throughout the application - Searching for % will return all possible results. Searching for M%K will return all records beginning with the letter M and ending with the letter K.

Searching for a specific type of record? Use a filter to narrow down your records by type.

Working with "Contacts"

Search while working with Contacts looks for the First Name, Last Name, and Local Name in the local language/local spelling. Common diacritics similar to English characters will be returned by searching for a similar character: For instance, e% will also return results starting with é%

Want to just search for a first or last name? Searching for ", Mohammed" uses the comma to indicate that you're only searching for the first name. Likewise, searching for "John, " will search for Johnsons, but not return a John Smith. This will exclude "Local Name" fields from your search results.

Wildcard roundup

% = any characters, unlimited length

_ = any one character

[aeoui] = any one character within a defined set, in this case a vowel

Advanced use case: Johansen? Johanson? Who just called me?

Let's pretend we're working on an event in the Baltic and taking RSVP calls: Someone just called with a name like Johansson, but you're not sure how they spell it and the call ended before you checked. Oops, but no big deal: Searching for Jo%s_n, would return any contacts with last names beginning "Jo" and ending with an s+one character+n. 

Got some odd -stn names you'd like to exclude from your results? Let's try limiting the character between the "s" and the "n" to vowels that might be used in this patriarchal suffix: Jo%s[aeo]n



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