v1 to 1.7.4 - Release Notes Follow

eContact Release Notes v1.7.4:
Date: 24 May, 2018

Included in this release are:

  • Updated Event > Offline Check-in Functions
    • Generate File:
      • Exported file now includes the new fields required for the updated Offline Check-In Tool. These include Photos, VIP status, Blacklisted Status, Participant Remarks and Individual Remarks.
    • Import & Sync:
      • New guests added at the check-in event are added as new Individuals to their associated participants records on Import & Sync.
  • Lists/MyLists
    • When adding new persons to a list, contact who are already in the list are no longer shown in the add contact dropdown.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Contact > Import
      • Fixed a bug where on import if the data in the excel sheet was longer than eContact supported that the import was stopped with an error message. The import now completes correctly and warns the user afterwards which fields may have had data cut short during the import.
      • Fixed a bug where if an import was done on an eContact instance with no contacts that the import failed.
      • Fixed a bug when spelling mismatches in the columns headers of Excel could cause data to not be imported. Example “LocalTitleOfPartner” vs “LocalTitleofPartner” Of vs of in the name would cause the field not to import properly. Regardless of spelling, if the field is matched, then it will import.
    • Contact
      • Fixed a bug on the Street field where colons “:” were causing data to be truncated an Save.
      • Fixed a bug on Custom Fields where double quotes in the text were causing and error on Save.
    • Events > Participants
      • Fix a bug where if you add a new individual to a participant, confirm it and immediately save the Event record the participants Status column loses the individuals Status that was previously added to the participant. Individual status’ added to the participants status are now saved permanently.



eContact Release Notes v1.7:
Date: 26 February, 2018

Included in this release are:

  • Performance Updates:
    • The Contact and Event interfaces have been completely re-written so that we could remove tools being used that were causing major performance issues over slow networks
      • This was not an interface redesign, the forms still look the same but the tools used to show the data have been replaced with smaller/quicker tools
      • Notable performance can be found in switching between tabs, saving records, adding new items to Phones, Emails, Sections, Categories, and much more


  • Seating Charts
    • The new seating chart includes:
      • Selectable table types (Square, Banquet, Round)
      • More field information for each contact being seated
      • To be seated participants are grouped by the main participant
      • Sorting options
      • Filter by Status options
      • Improved drag/drop functionality for seats and tables
      • Improved auto-saving feature after seating updates
      • Tooltips for seated individuals


  • Import from Excel to eContact Contacts
    • You are now able to import data from Excel into eContact.   This is a wizard style interface that will walk you through import steps 1 to 5 until import is complete
      • This is found on the Contact Interface on the toolbar


  • Excel Custom Export
    • It is now possible to do a custom export from:
      • Contacts
      • Events
      • Lists
      • My Lists
      • Gratuities
    • The custom excel export has been updated to include many new fields to include:
      • Label Fields (English and local)
      • Institutional Data for Person if Institution selected
      • Records type data:
        • Example1: an export on an Event will allow you to export Event Data
        • Example2: an export on List will allow you to export List Data
        • Saved Custom Excel Records are only available on the record type for which they are saved.  You cannot access an Event Custom Export on the Contact interface and vice-versa
      • **IMPORTANT NOTE** To accomplish this, we had to re-write a lot of the logic behind the export function.  Some of your previously saved exports may no longer be available.  If this is the case, simply create a new export using the “new” button


  • Quick Add - Enable for Lists/MyLists and Gratuities
    • You are now able to Quick Add contacts to Lists, My Lists and Gratuities
    • Multi-Select functionality has also been enabled to add ease of use for working with multiple contacts
      • Multi-Select is done by holding the CRTL key and clicking on the records list


  • Campaign Updates:
    • Fixed a bug that  sometimes caused the email sending to stop working after a couple minutes
    • Fixed a bug that where empty spaces before or after email addresses caused the emails to be marked as invalid has been fixed
    • Improved stability regarding  sent status and feedback given to the sender
    • Added drop down filters for Gender and Email Validity columns on the recipient tab
    • Added the following Send options
      • Send to UnSent
      • Send to Sent


  • Multi-Filter - Add Biographical data field as filter options


  • Guest List:  Fixed a bug that showed the partner’s name twice if label 2 or 4 and invitation 2 was selected


  • Participants:
    • Fixed a bug when switching a participants label and invites that didn’t cause the participant’s individual’s to update properly.
      • Example: if Label 2 and Invites 2 was selected and a Partner existed then the participant partner was added as an individual.  If you switched the label back to 1, the individual was kept as the spouse and didn’t reset to “guest” as it did in CMD. 
        • This was fixed for all label/invite combinations
      • Added a deactivated record indicator for deactivated participants
      • Fixed a bug caused when a participants partner’s name was too long that caused the “auto-add” partner feature to not add the partner as an individual


  • Updated drop downs that allows you to select contact (example, Event>hosts, Responsible Officer, etc.) to not show deactivated records


  • Permissions:
    • Fixed a bug on Event that happened with switching “Modifiable By: to owner that even a “Super User” couldn’t change the permissions anymore.
    • Fixed a bug on Contacts when a user’s default section had limited view that they were unable to create new records
    • Fixed a bug on Appointments and Incoming Invitations where user’s weren’t able to create a new records.


  • Contact: Fixed the default sorting on the returned records list to ensure it always sorts by Last Name, First Name.


  • Incoming Invitations - Cover Letter: fixed RSVP Date on coversheet if it was empty


  • Fixed various typos and inconstant text throughout the interface.



eContact Release Notes:
Date: 28 July, 2017

Included in this release are:

  • Performance Improvements
    • We have been improving how data is managed in the application and we have already implemented the first changes to do this. 
    • The first change is how Standard LookUp data is managed as this data is used almost everywhere in the application to populate drop downs, the Quick Filter, personal data and much more.
    • The next step is to improve the FreeField Lookups data managment.


  • Campaigns: Lots of work has been done to ensure campaigns runs more reliably
    • Increase performance/speed
      • We have optimized how campaign gets and manages the contact records, specifically the official and personal emails, which means campaign spends a lot less time getting the contact's emails and more time sending emails.
    • Updated workflow behind Campaigns to better ensure if there is a problem sending an email that the application records the problematic email and continues to send the remaining emails.  This should fix the "freeze" some posts experienced when sending campaigns.
      • A list of unsent emails are displayed after the send is complete.
    • Update email validity logic:
      • This is also helps fix the "freeze" some posts experienced when sending campaigns.
      • Some emails were being marked as having a valid format (example: emails that contain umlauts and special characters - ü|ä|ö|ñ| etc.) but that our State Department email system was unable to send to.  Even though the special characters are allowed if RFC 6531 and RFC 6532 compliant systems, our DoS email relay system is not and therefore we are unable to send to these addresses.  Wikipedia has a great article about valid email formats
      • Example error message from our DoS email system:
        • emäil.with.nönAscii.chäracter@email.com
          The format of the e-mail address isn't correct. A correct address looks like this: someone@example.com.
        • The client or server is only configured for E-mail addresses with ASCII local-parts: emäil.with.nönAscii.chäracter@email.com
    • Added confirmation screen before campaigns are sent
    • Added the ability to cancel the sending of Campaigns after the sent has started
    • We are continuing to improve campaigns and the next step it to add more functionality to the interface for filtered sending, improved display of sent items, and more.


  • Contacts - added the Post and Region fields to the general data section.

  • Event - added the Medium field to the general data section

  • Quick Filter
    • Fixed a bug in Nationalities and Professions that caused these two items to not always show their data in the quick filter.  They are both now working as expected.

 Completed but in Testing:

  • Import from Excel to eContact Contacts
  • Multi-Filter - Add Biographical data field as filter options


  • Excel Export - Expand fields available to export
  • Quick Add - Enable for Lists/MyLists



eContact Release Notes:
Date: 18 July, 2017

Included in this release are:

  • Multi-Select enabled to add ease of use for working with multiple contacts.  It has been enabled on the following 2 major interfaces
    • Contact interface: 
      • Hold CTRL + Click to multi-select contacts from the results list 
        • When multiple contacts are selected, the option Quick-Add - all "selected" contacts is enabled and it is now possible to add guest to events/lists using this feature.
        • This is the first of various multiple select features that are going to be added.  We still plan on adding the additional multiple select features:
          • Bulk Edits
          • Excel Exports
    • Event > Participants Interface
      • Hold CTRL + Click to multi-select Participants from the participants list
        • When multiple contacts are selected it is not possible to remove all selected participants from the events at one time by clicking the remove button.
        • This is the first of various multiple select features that are going to be added.  We still plan on adding the additional multiple select features:
          • Bulk Edits
          • Excel Exports
  • Added Campaign History to the Contact interface. 
    • This enables users to see a history of what emails were sent to individual contacts and from which campaign it was sent from.

  • Events:
    • Add drop down selectors to the Label fields to increase usability
    • Check-In
      • Updated barcode logic to ignore the participant id in the barcode (middle number) as the participant ID can change.
  • Appointments:
    • Add drop down selectors to the Label fields to increase usability
  • Incoming Invitations:
    • Add drop down selectors to the Label fields to increase usability
  • Guest Lists
    • Add more error handling for incomplete and unexpected data. 
    • Fix “Output”  typos
  • Quick Add - fixed bug with Sequ number being set to 0 in certain cases that caused guest list and offline check-in display issues.
  • Contact - updated "Access Limit" error text to be more consistent with UI


  • Import from Excel to eContact Contacts
  • Multi-Filter - Add Biographical data field as filter options
  • Excel Export - Expand fields available to export
  • Quick Add - Enable for Lists/MyLists



eContact Release Notes:
Date: 11 May, 2017

Included in this release are:

  •  Event offline check-in tools
    • Export event data
    • Upload & Sync data (this is only available to event owners and users who have SuperUser enabled on their user profile)
    • We have also released a separate Offline Check-In application for use at your events.

  • Event and Participant Statistics
    • The event statistics has been completely updated to ensure that the numbers are as correct as possible.  
    • Added two additional columns
      • Invited (with Host&GOH)
      • Accepted (with Host&GOH)

  • Participant Individuals
    • Partners are now displayed under a participant record if Invites are 2 or greater and Label 2 or 4 is selected.  
    • Otherwise a "guest' is automatically entered as an  if invites are greater than 1.

  • Updated Guest List
    • Updated format to include smaller line spacing, placement of statistics and one line header.
    • Statistics now include Host and Guest of Honor
    • Event Information now includes
      • Expanded Date information
      • Location
      • Dress
    • Host and Guest of Honor have been added to the main list.  This means if you select additional fields to be displayed, pictures, etc. that these will also display for the Host and Guest of Honor.

  • Additional Export Fields have been included
    • Country - this has been added to all export options.
    • InvitedBy has been added to the Event basic Export function
  • Expanded histories for your Contact records, listing:
    • Appointments
    • Invitations
    • Gratuities

  • Full Text Search - fixed bug that caused the search to return 0 results.
  • Toolbar Updates - fixed permissions that caused some toolbar items to be disabled, when the user did not have permission to a record, but shouldn't have been.



eContact Release Notes:
Date: 24 April, 2017

Included in this release are:

  • Cover sheets:
    • Appointments

  • Advanced Excel export 
    • Events
    • Gratuities
  • Lists

Note: previously saved CMD “Individual Inquiries” records will be available but it will only show/use the fields that eContact has currently implemented in our Export tool


  • Expanded histories for your Contact records, listing:
    • Events

  • Contacts:
    • Fixed bug when saving a record with Nationalities selected  on a new or cloned record.
  • Data Management:
    • Updated data management to reduce errors that may occur on Contact and Guest Lists.
  • Various typos corrected



eContact Release Notes:
Date: 31 March, 2017

Included in this release are:

  • Cover sheets
    • Incoming Invitations

  • Events:
    • The also now have the same display order as on the Event Data tab
    • Guest List Statistics updated

    • Notes field is now Rich Text (RTF) compatible
    • Participants:
      • Job Titles and Company names are now displaying properly
      • Invite/Edit participant window now uses the standard Label Number Format drop down
  • Quick Add: Invite all
    • Fixed selected default “Contact Of” when the current user did not have one assigned
    • Added option to use Contact’s default Category and Contact Of

  • History:
    • Added RTF support for historical fields that used Rich Text (RTF)
  • Clone Records, functionality added to
    • Lists
    • Gratuities
  • Campaign: Phone Numbers and Emails
    • In certain situations, telephone numbers were being displaying instead of email addresses.  This has been resolved.
  • Gratuities
    • Fixed save warning/error when multiple gifts were added and removed at the same.


eContact Release Notes:

Date: 20 March, 2017


Barcode Generation


  • It is now possible to generate custom barcodes for events using the campaign feature.  
  • Use the BarCodeIdentifier or add custom static barcode text.
  • Four formats are available:

    • QRCode                 (Modern 2D barcodes)
    • Code128                  (Preferred 1D barcodes)
    • Code39Extended         (Conventional 1D barcodes)
    • Code93Extended         (Conventional 1D barcodes)

  • 2D QRCodes require compatible barcode scanners.

Note: This is only available when an Event is selected on the Campaign recipient type.


Excel export improvements


All Excel exports have been updated to include the same basic information, including those for:

  • Contacts (New)
  • Event Participants
  • Lists
  • MyLists
  • Gratuities


Clone records:


  • A “Clone”record feature has been implemented that allows for easy duplication of core record data while removing all personal information
    • Appointment
    • Contacts
    • Campaign
    • Event
    • Incoming Invitation
    • User


 Clearer warning messages:

  • Updated warning messages on
    • Participants
    • Campaigns
    • Gratuities
    • General Messages



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