Welcome Screen and System Navigation Follow

Welcome screen and system navigation


1. Here the user enters her/his User name and Password.

2. Press the “Enter” button to enter the system.


 Menus, Dropdown menus and Buttons. (See on the following pictures the respective numbers). 

1. Drop-down menu Type of the User: Global admin, Manage Bureaus, Manage Missions, Manage Posts or Manage Pools. The user sees only her/his Bureaus, Missions, Posts and Pools for which is authorized for.


2. According to the User this menu shows a list of Bureaus (AF, EAP, EUR, Etc.) or Missions (Afghanistan, AIT, Albania, Etc.)


 3. Drop-down list with all available operating years. If the User selected year 2017, the operating year will be 2017-2018.


4. Main system menu. There are respective sub-menus, which appears by mouse click.

1. Indicator for existing notification.

2. Text of the notification.

3. Here the User can see the list of all notifications.


5. System Help. The Help button opens a field in ZenDesk where the user can ask a question.



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