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EUR-IO/EX's Application Development Group hosts a separate, purpose built application that tracks event participant check-in at your offsite events.  Even though it was originally designed for eContact, the ADG team partnered with the IIP CRM team to enable Offline Check-In capabilities to CRM and ensure compatibility with the Offline Check-In application.





When you host your large 4th of July event at an official residence, an election night event at a commercial venue, or any event you may host you can use a small ad-hoc network of devices to check your guests in with minimal fuss by name or using barcoded invitations.

This replaces previous systems that required post-developed Access databases, temporary SQL servers, and other complex solutions: This application provides you access to the information that matters most for your specific event using a simple one-time export from your event.

The application supports Offline Check-In exports from eContact and CRM.

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