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1: You have the Offline Check-In Application server running and can access the Check-In client.

2: You have uploaded your event data to the Offline Check-In Server.

3. You are using the most recent version article here.

Older versions obsolete (Server & Client)

Please remove all older offline Server and Client versions before using version 2.0.

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Check-In Guide:


Main screen; the main interface looks like the screenshot below. If you doesn't, click the "Check-In" link in the upper right:


Search for a Participant/Guest:

You can search for a guest with the following methods:

  • Text - this will look for
    • Last Names
    • First Names
    • Anywhere in the full name
  • Comma separated Last and First names
    • example:
      do, j
      will find "Doe, Jon" and "Doe, Jane"
  • Barcode
  • Person Number
  • QR or 1D barcodes 39, 93, and 128 using the built-in barcode scanner

In the example below, we will be using the text search, let's look for our guests with a name beginning with "noe":


Checking in Participants/Guests:

To check in the participant, click the large Check-In button:

You will see the participant is now checked in.

To check in the guest, click the smaller Check-In button:

The guest is now checked in


Check out a Participants/Guests (accidental check-in):

To check out a guest, simply click the yellow "X" button to remove that participant/guest's check-in status


Add a new guest during check in

To add a new guest during check in, click the Add Guest button

This will open a pop-up window where you can enter the new guest information

Enter the information of the new guest and click the "Add Guest" button

The new guest will now be saved and checked into the event



Scan a barcode using the Camera

Using the built in barcode scanner, you can now scan invitational barcodes directly from the client app on your mobile devices.

There are 2 buttons that will open the device camera so you can take a picture of the barcode

Click one of the buttons to open the camera.

Once the camera is opened, take a picture of the barcode. 

  • Depending on which device you are using, you may have to confirm the picture taken (Use Photo)

After you have taken the photo and confirmed it, if the barcode is recognized it will display the number and record

You can now check in the record.

Tip: a focused and bright image will give better results than a dark and blurry image



Various settings are available to make your check-in process as easy as possible:

  • Search Box Focus

    Disabling this option on a mobile device is very helpful as it will stop the application from automatically scrolling to the top of the page and focusing the search bar.  Its especially helpful when a participant has multiple guests that need checking in.
  • Barcode Scanning
    The barcode type to scan is determined by the Server but the client can still set the display and location options of the barcode button.

    Camera Button Visibility

    This will hide all camera buttons on the interface

    Camera Button Alignment



Application Version number, links to our help center and release notes can be found on the About page



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