How do I register to use ADS? Follow

Registration is the second step in using the system. During this process the system will collect core data about the employee for reuse throughout their career in participating bureaus.

What is needed to complete the Registration process:

  1. For USDH a account and for other Agencies without a account a account.
  2. Employee data such as name, employee employment information, contact information, birth information, legal address, passport information and Assignment information.
  3. Additionally, it will be a good idea, but not required, to have basic data on household members,  emergency contacts and information on any additional passports.

Please use Chrome to register for the production/live site use this URL after you've received your account from the ADS Helpdesk

If you've requested access to the training environment as a Service Provider follow this link after you received your account from the ADS Helpdesk


How do I get an account?




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