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Accounts are the basis for access to this and other Application Development Group (ADG) systems.

The ADG uses multiple account sources:

  1. <username>@state.gov - These accounts are issued to you by the Department of State (DOS) and use your PIV card and/or the same password you use on OpenNet. Use of these accounts, if available to you, are preferred. These accounts utilize either the Microsoft Authenticator App available for your phone or a phone number for verification code for access.
  2. <username>@departmentofstate.onmicrosoft.com - These accounts are issued by the ADG on a case by case basis for those that are unable to obtain an @state.gov account. These accounts use phone numbers and email addresses for verification codes and/or security questions for access.

We are constantly reviewing our available options and are working to bring other account sources to you for future use, such as Login.gov and Fan.gov.

Note: Having an account does not guarantee you have access to any system. Each ADG system will require a registration and approval process for access. This process will vary slightly for each system.


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