How do I get an account? Follow

If you have a Department of State login and/or PIV card, this is all that is needed to login either from an OpenNet computer or from a computer at home. If you are on an OpenNet computer the Single Sign On capability will make login very easy. If you are at home, use your OpenNet password and verification device or information setup with IRM on your account.


If you do not have a Department of State login and/or PIV card and are unable to obtain one, you will need to be assigned a system account by an administrator. Typically these accounts will be provided by post once they know your appropriate and verified contact email address. These accounts will require you provide a mobile phone number and and email address for verification and self service password resets. These accounts are referenced in help articles as "ADG Issued Accounts" or "ADG Issued Microsoft Accounts".


Note: The system will require a registration and an approval for access from a post/mission/organization administrator when first accessing.


In some cases ADG Issued Microsoft Accounts can also be provided by ADG help desk staff, however, verification of identification and provisioning times will be far greater. In these cases contact ADG Support and provide your name, contact information, target post and post contact information.



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