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To edit the Sponsors list you need Service Provider permissions.

Please make sure to switch to the Service Provider Dashboard with clicking on the Dashboard Icon

On the left hand side in the middle under Organization Data you can find the Sponsors

with clicking on Sponsors a list appears

To export the list you have three options: Excel, CSV or a Clipboard.

All three processes are automated, no entries are needed.

To add a new Sponsor click on the New icon

First do a search if the Sponsor already exists

if it does not exist you will get the option of creating a new one. Please click on "Add new"

Enter the needed information, the yellow marked fields are required and click on "Save"

Congratulations! You've add a new Sponsor to the list.

Please keep in mind that just the list of Sponsors is administrated here. The assignment of the Sponsor is done in the profile of the Employee.












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