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Attached here is the eContact Roadmap for 2017-19 published by the Frankfurt Regional Support Center.  It describes the ongoing transition of eContact to a full EUR-IO Application Development Group product.  We are publishing it here in the interest of transparency and planning for all stakeholders in official contact and event management in the Department of State and our diplomatic missions around the world.

The eContact Roadmap 2017-19 is a plan for development, testing, deployment, training and support of eContact over the coming two years.  It is a document that will be updated as conditions change but serves as a coordination point for the eContact team, as well as other stakeholders like regional bureaus and their overseas posts.

Some of the highlights of the eContact Roadmap are:

  • Increased visibility and user acceptance testing by users (i.e. protocol assistants, OMSs) for new releases.
  • Increased software developers working on the project, including a surge of short-term programmers to address the highest priority requests from users.
  • The next eContact update in late January or early February 2018 to include performance enhancements (speed boost), visual seating charts, and other smaller fixes and features rated the highest priority by users in EUR and IO posts.
  • A major update after summer 2018 to bring eContact to the cloud for more mobile access, better performance and other requested features, while meeting federal requirements for cyber security.

Feedback on this roadmap and on eContact in general can always be sent to (also available in the OpenNet GAL).




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