Approving Calculations in the Reward Calculation Application (RCA) Follow

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  • Reward Calculation Application (RCA)
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Approving Calculations in (RCA)

If the GoMBC Reward Calculation Specialist has requested your digital approval of the reward calculations, you will be notified when it's ready for review. 

From GoMBC, select Reward Calculation to open the Reward Calculation Application (RCA) module of GoMBC. 


To view calculations and approve, select Verify Output: CGFS Extract from the left menu. 


Select Download PDF to see the calculation breakdown for your pools. Once reviewed, select Approve for the associated pool. If you have any questions about the calculations, speak to HR.


If you need to approve using paper, the Reward Calculation Specialist will provide you with a PDF document of the calculations for your signature. They will then upload this signed PDF to RCA.

You can also view more detailed calculation information by selecting Calculations in the left menu.


Tier 1 Approval

This step completes when all Pool Supervisors have reviewed and approved calculations for their pools. During this time, supervisors can undo the approval by selecting Recall Approval from the Verify Output section.

Tier 2 Approval

This step is completed when the HRO or Management Officer reviews the calculations approved by each Pool Supervisor. They can Approve in RCA once everything looks good and can later Recall Approval if needed.

Tier 3 Approval

This step completes when the DCM or designate is satisfied with all calculations for their mission. They can Approve in RCA once everything looks good and can later Recall Approval if needed.

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