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Occupant; Resident Portal


As an incoming Officer/Occupant you will receive an email notification with a link to complete the ATLAS Housing Questionnaire. This link will take you to the ATLAS Housing Resident Portal. Here, you will see a welcome message, some general information about the Post, any instructions on how to fill out the questionnaire, as well as the option to select housing preferences. Once completed with the questionnaire send it back to the housing board member, so they may work on your assignment without delay.



The member will review your questionnaire for completeness. If ready for approval the member will make one to three housing recommendations. These recommendations will be sent to the Inter-Agency Housing board (IAHB). A member of the IAHB will assign you a residence, at which time, you will receive a notification of residence assignment. You will then have access to view the questionnaire you've previously submitted, any documents related to the residence, and you may also upload documents.







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