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  • The 'Dashboard' allows you to view the data relevant to Post housing operations. 
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  • Housing Administrators
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  • Residence Manager (min)
  • Local Admin




Dashboard: A Central location of Housing Information 


By clicking the 'Dashboard' icon, here you will see:
  • Number of tasks that have been assigned to yourself and your section
  • Number of tasks that have passed the due dates
  • Number of residences that are currently occupied, vacant, or vacant for over 90 days
  • Number of occupants in temporary quarter (TQ) and number of occupants who have been in TQ for over 10 days
  • A list of residences that are undergoing a 'Commissioning', 'Make-Ready', 'Decommissioning' process
  • A breakdown of housing assignment workflow – number of occupants that are ready to receive a questionnaire, number of questionnaires in progress, number of questionnaires that are ready for review by the Housing section, and number of incoming occupants that are ready for making housing assignment recommendations
  • An Inter-Agency Housing Board (IAHB) Summary – number of recommendations ready for approval by IAHB and number of recommendations that have been approved
  • Upcoming dates related to housing processes



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