OAS December 6 Release Notes Follow

Category Description
FMO Sign Off FMO now has ability to edit fiscal strips
Reports Status, Nominee Section, and Cycle added to the Excel version of the Certificate Report
Nomination Validation added on New Nomination to Prevent Nominator without Agency/Section from Proceeding
Admin Tools Save Option for Global Award Types now hidden
Notifications Added generic OAS link to emails
Notifications Corrected: FMO Analyst did not receive anytime award email
USDH Approval Corrected: Nomination with disapproved nominee did not move past USDH approval
Admin Tools Corrected: Return to HR button sent nomination back to Nominator Instead of HR
Send to OPS Corrected: After inputting effective date, then moving to a different part of the app, the Send to OPS was not retained
Forms Citation added to the Printable Nomination Form (JF-66)
Forms Added ability to print nomination form from Ongoing
Notifications Hide nominee names on JCAC emails if Hide Nominee flag activated in Mission Profile
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