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Topics Covered
Editing Email Preferences

Target Users
Housing Admin

Required Permissions
Residence Manager
Local Admin



Email Notification Options 

Admin may customize email preferences by clicking on the Profile icon in the upper right hand corner, then Edit Settings.  Customization options include Send or Don't Send depending on the needs for the Housing Questionnaire, Housing Process, and Key Date changes.



Organizing Email Preferences by Working Groups 

Preferences may also be customized by creating Working Groups.

Navigate to Process Configuration and click on User Groups.  Here, you will be able to create a group, add a new user, or add currently registered users to the group. 



Next click Process Configuration and select one of the processes: Make Ready, Commissioning, or Decommissioning.  Within each process, any task can be added, edited, and/or customized by the type of emails to be received. 


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