Email Notifications Follow

    Topics Covered
  • How to edit email preferences and update options. 
    Target Users
  • Housing Administrators 
    Required Permissions
  • Residence Manager (min)
  • Local Admin


Email Notifications and Options 

Admins may customize email preferences by clicking on their profile icon in the upper right hand corner, then click 'Edit Settings'. Customization options include 'Send' or 'Don't Send' depending on the needs for the Housing Questionnaire, Housing Process, and Key Date changes.




Organize Email Preferences by Working Groups 

Preferences may also be customized by creating working groups.

Go to 'Process Configuration', click on 'User Groups', you will be able to create a group, add the name of the user you would like to add or add users that are already registered by the system. Once you have created your group go back to 'Process Configuration' and select one of the processes: 'Make Ready', 'Commissioning', or 'Decommissioning' you can then add or edit tasks as well as customize the type of emails they will receive. 








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