Resident Portal Impersonation (For Local Admin) Follow


 Pre-requisites:  ATLAS Housing Local Admin role


Topics Covered
Resident Portal Impersonation

Target Users
Housing Admin

Required Permissions
Residence Manager (min)
Local Admin



Resident Portal Impersonation

Local Admin will be able to impersonate a USDH to review how the resident sees the Resident Portal page.

  • From the Occupants Menu, click on All Occupants.

  • Select the Name of the person you'd like to impersonate and you will be directed to the Resident's information page.

  • Select Impersonate at the top, right of the screen.  

  • In the Resident Portal, you are now able to view the Occupant's screen from their perspective.  However, you won’t be able to make changes to the user's profile, submit forms, or upload documents on their behalf.

  • You will have the test only ability to fill out the Housing Questionnaire, though you cannot save nor submit this on the Occupant's behalf.  This provides an opportunity for Local Admin to go through the experience as the user (USDH) completing the survey.

  • In the Resident Portal, Local Admin are only able to see information the user has completed in the Housing Assignment Process (e.g., If a user has not included attachments, you will not be able to view this feature).

  • To stop impersonation, click on Stop Impersonating,located next to your name in the top, right corner of the screen.


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