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Pre-requisites: Where do I mark my Household Members joining me at post
    Household Members marked joining at post
  • Where to find the place to edit the Household Member Status
  • How to edit the Household Member status
    Target Users
  • all Employees
  • Service Providers
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In ADS you can/should mark your household members which are joining you at post or who stays at home. This is important information for the RSO, FMO, GSO, CLO, etc., and this status is also used on forms.

In this article you will learn where to find the place to edit/mark the family members joining you at post on orders and also without being on orders. 

We recommend to add every family member to ADS, if they come with you to post or not. That makes it easier for you with the next assignment, you just have to mark if they join you or not.




Where to find the place to edit the Household Member Status

Click on 'Current Assignment', please see Figure 1


Figure 1

and from there on 'View Assignment', please see Figure 2


Figure 2

In this view scroll a bit down and you will see the 'Assignment Household' area.

Clicking on 'Manage Household Member' opens a list with your Household members. For every Household Member an additional field. please see Figure 3


Figure 3


How to edit the Household Member Assignment

Clicking on 'Manage Household Member' at the right side leads you to the view where you can edit the status of the Household Member. Please see Figure 4


Figure 4

Clicking on the drop down for the Household Member Type allows you to make your choice between "Eligible Family Member' or 'Member of Household'. Please see Figure 5


Figure 5

If a Family Member just joins you at post and is not eligible to work for DOS mark 'Accompanying On Assignment. If your Family Member is on an Assignment Order with you, please check mark it.

Also fill in the dates, it can happen, that a Household Member arrives on a different date.

If 'Additional Notes' are needed add them to the text field, please see Figure 6


Figure 6









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