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Pre-requisites: Digital/Electronic Signatures explained and uncovered used it Tasks and Forms
    Topics Covered
  • What is a digital signature in ADS
  • Digital signature in tasks
  • Digital signature in forms
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  • Employees
  • Service Providers
  • Organization Administrators
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In ADS we are able to have digital signatures in tasks, e.g. to sign the receipt or the acknowledgement of a document, and also on digital forms. We will explain how the work and what they do.

What is a digital signature in ADS

ADS does not currently use PKI/SNAP signatures.  ADS is available to users outside of OpenNet, on the public internet, where many users may not have access to PKI when completing their tasks and forms.  With the expansion of GO to use MFA, PKI cards aren't always necessary to even get on OpenNet.  Currently, there is no planned rollout of this functionality for Forms in ADS.

Digital signature in Tasks

For example a task separate from forms, where a user can complete a task certifying. that something is complete or accurate.  Here we store the completing users name and a date & time stamp of when this action occurred.

Digital signature in Forms

The more commonly used feature is the digital signatures within forms.  When a form calls for a signature from the user, the user types their name which is presented in a more formal cursive font.  ADS stores the name of the user and the date & time stamp of when they signed their name.  This same signature is then printed on the form in the place the user entered it for downloading the completed version of the form. 






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