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 Pre-requisites:  HR Admin OAS Training


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Awards Cycle

Target Users
Local Staff Awards Coordinator and HRO

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HR Admin


How to Create an Awards Cycle

Cycles allow you to group annual award nominations together and define the required approvers. Multiple cycles can overlap, for example, you may have a spring cycle for Honor Awards and simultaneously, an LE Staff of the Quarter cycle because the two cycles require different JCAC members.  You can view, edit, or add cycles at any time.  It is important to note the EXEC role will be assigned each cycle, not under Mission Profile -Assign Roles.



  1. From the left hand menu, go to the Mission Admin Area and select the Cycles link.

  1. To add a new  cycle, click the + New Cycle button.

  1. A pop up window will appear with a form to fill out. The award cycle year and number must be a unique combination.

Fill out each field as required.

Cycle Year determines the year of this award cycle.

Number will be the unique number assigned to this awards cycle.

Name is the name of the awards cycle which will be visible to all users in OAS.

Call Date is the date HR sends out the call for nominations.

Opening Date is the first day HR will accept nominations.

Closing Date is the last day HR will accept nominations. Once the closing date has passed, you will no longer be able to assign nominations to the cycle. However, this date can be changed at any time as needed.

JCAC Start Date is the first day JCAC members can vote on nominations added to the cycle..

JCAC End Date is the last day the JCAC will have access to vote on the nominations. This can be modified as needed.

Ceremony is the name of the awards ceremony.

  1. Click Save to save this awards cycle. Then click the Posts & Roles button to define approvers for this cycle.

  1. Select the Post(s) from the dropdown menu.
  2. Type the employee name next to each role. Then click Save to finish and return to the previous screen. 
  3. Click Award Type Settings to define specific awards for this cycle.


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