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Radio User Roles

  • Radio Admin - provides full access to the entire module
  • Radio Admin Read Only - provides read-only access to the entire module but no edits can be made
  • Radio Assignment s- provides access to add and remove assignments but not radio devices
  • Radio Check - Add Only - provides the bare minimum access for the completion of a radio check for those (usually MSG Post 1) who receive the radio check
  • Radio Check - Manage - provides bare minimum access for the completion of a radio check in addition to the ability to edit and delete permissions and adding out of town radios
  • Radio Check - Read Only - provides access to only view radio check entries
  • Radio Check Events Manager - provides access to edit the single occurrence of the radio series
  • Radio Configuration - provides access to create repeaters, zones, groups, and schedules
  • Radio Inventory - provides access to manage the radio devices


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