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 Pre-requisites:  Coordinator Permissions


Topics Covered
Assigning REAs 

Target Users
Bureau Coordinators

Required Permissions
Coordinator User Access

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Coordinators Assigning Personnel to Position Requests

When a request has been Approved, the next step in the process is assigning an REA to the position request on the Assignments page. There are two ways to navigate to the Assignments page:

  1. Click the Assignments link from the left taskbar.
  2. Click the action (checkmark) icon for a request in the Approved status from the dashboard.




Making Assignments 

On the Assignments page, Coordinators will locate the request they want to make an assignment for and click the row of the request within the table.  The position details then display at the bottom of the page in the personnel section.  Coordinators have the ability to view all position details as well as make edits to the start and end date of the assignment, if needed.



Next, the Coordinator will drag and drop, the desired personnel to be assigned to the selected position, into the gray space.  The dates of the assignment display for any edits.  When edits are done, click the Tentatively Save button to move forward with the assignment. 



If there are any errors associated with the assignment, they will display in a red bulleted list for that personnel.  From here, Coordinators can edit, remove, or finalize the assignment.  Once all details are verified, click the Finalize button to send the pending assignment to the REA for acceptance.  Coordinators can assign as many personnel to the position that are needed.  



Coordinators have the ability to Accept or Decline assignments on behalf of REAs, if the REA is unable to accept the assignment on their own.  To do this, navigate to the Assignments page, click the position, and in the gray space, and select either Accept or Decline for the specified personnel.  If accepted, the assignment is complete and will display in the Assigned status.




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