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Assisting an REA When Logging in With an Unknown Email

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What Happens if an REA logs in With an Unknown Email  


If an REA logs into the READY system with an email that is different than the one we initially created their accounts under, the system thinks they are a new user and only gives them the Post Requestor permissions and not the expected REA permissions. 

NOTE:  We are going to start directing the REAs to their respective Coordinators to resolve this issue with them. 

Steps to Correct Incorrect REA Emails:

  • Locate the account(s) in Administration > User Management.
  • Click the Users tab.  
  • Locate the email with the Role Post().


  • Update the account to read: 
    • First Name:  Bad
    • Last Name:  Account
    • Primary Email:
    • Unselect the Has Post Role checkbox
    • Save



  • Navigate back to the REA account from Administration > User Management page.
  • Add the email they were trying to log in with on the Post account in the Secondary Email field (typically a or account) 
  • Click Save.



The user should now have the ability to log into their REA account from either email address.


*Note: The system will recognize the "Bad Accounts" after a period of time and filter them out.


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