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Creating a Fiscal Strip Template
Testing a Fiscal Strip Template

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Fiscal Strip Templates 

Fiscal Strip Templates can save time by being applied when creating a new Fiscal Strip.


Creating a Fiscal Strip Template

To create a new Fiscal Strip Template, navigate to Administration > Fiscal Strip Templates.

Click the + Create button in the top, right corner of the screen.

Enter the following Fiscal Strip Template Details:

  1. Description
  2. Separator
  3. Toggle to Active/Inactive
  4. Elements, in the order you’d like them to appear
  5. Notes

NOTE:  The Pattern will auto populate as you add each Element.

Finally, click Save.

The new template will now appear on the main Fiscal Strip Templates page.

To Edit or Delete the template, click the Edit icon or the Ellipses.  Once a template has been created, it can be used when creating Fiscal Data.


Testing a Fiscal Strip Template

Select the fiscal strip you’d like to test.  Then, click the Test Template tab.

In the new tab, enter the fiscal strip details in the Paste Your Fiscal Strip here field, then click Parse Fiscal Strip.  The fiscal strip details will appear in the fields below.


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