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Assigning Anytime Approvers

Anytime Approvers are assigned by HR to approve Anytime Awards. Post Management will determine who will approve Anytime Awards. OAS offers flexibility for Post HR to assign Anytime Approvers to pre-populate in the Anytime Awards when they are in HR Pending Review status. Post HR can also change the approval process flow and add/remove approvers for Anytime Awards from the HR Pending Review status. 

There are four roles to consider when assigning Anytime Approvers: Management Officer, Financial Analyst, Financial Officer, and Mission Timekeeper. 

  • Management Officer:  Is an approval role to be fulfilled by a USDH employee as the Management approver for Anytime Awards. This role is not required to be fulfilled by the Management Officer. 
  • Financial Analyst: Enters the fiscal data into each nomination. This role can be either USDH and/or LE Staff.
  • Financial Officer: This role is restricted to USDH employee's, as the Financial Officer, this role will certify the fiscal data entered in each nomination. 
  • Mission Timekeeper: Will receive notifications when Time-Off Awards are approved and will have access to the Timekeeper Report for tracking purposes to enter the awards into Time & Attendance.

Assign Anytime Approvers in Post Profile

One of the first deployment steps was the configuration of the Post Profile. Post HR will assign Anytime Approver Roles in the Post Profile, these approvers will pre-populate in the Anytime Awards when the nomination reaches HR Pending Review.

From the Mission Admin Area, select Post Profile.

Select the Pencil Icon next to the Post Name you want to assign roles, each Post much be edited individually. 

Click the Roles tab to view the roles which you need to assign. Each Post can have different Approvers, or the Approvers can be the same for all Posts. Post Management will determine who will be Approvers and HR can make the assignments in OAS. 

You will need to type the name of each Anytime Approver Role in the box next to their corresponding role. Click Save once you are finished.

Assigning from the HR Area

HR may also assign Anytime Approvers during the HR technical review. You will notice the approvers assigned in the Post Profiles will appear in the nomination. You can then add and/or remove approvers as needed. If you add multiple approvers to one role, then you will create a pool of approvers. When the nomination reaches the approval step with a pool of approvers, only one approver from the pool will need to take action. Once action is taken from an approver in a pool, the nomination is removed from the queue for the other approvers and the nomination will move to the next stage in the approval process.

From the HR Area, select Pending Review.

This will open the HR Pending Review list with all nominations pending technical review and assignment of either Anytime Approvers (Anytime Awards) or to a JCAC (Annual Awards). You can filter the list to view only Anytime Awards in the upper right hand corner filter by clicking Anytime.

After you complete your technical review, scroll to the bottom of the nomination. You will first need to enter the Cash amount or Number of Hours, depending on the Form of Recognition selected. Next you will click Select Approvers at the bottom of the form.

A pop-up window will to assign roles. You will notice there are names which appear in the Management Approvers, Financial Analysts and Finance Officer(s) text boxes. To remove one of these approvers, click on the "x" next to their name, this will remove the approver from only this nomination approval process. To add an approver in any of the roles, type the name of the approver in the text box, this approver will only appear in this nomination approval process.

The approval process flow will go to Management Approvers first and then to Custom (also called Anytime Approvers), it is a Post management decision if you will use Management Approvers and Custom Approvers. Custom Approvers must be added as approvers to each nomination and they will flow in a sequential approval, with a maximum of three approvers. You are required to select the toggle button to enable a group of approvers.

If there is a cash award associated with the nomination, the Funding Cite approvers (Financial Analysts and Finance Officers) will populate. If this is a Time-off Award, then the Mission Timekeeper(s) will appear. Both Funding Cite and Timekeeper roles can also be adjusted by adding or removing pre-populated names.

Select Save & Submit when finished to send to the selected approvers.

Make sure you select the toggle button for either Management Approvers or Custom Approvers, if no toggle is selected, the nomination will flow directly to the Funding Cite or Timekeeper approvers.
Once all approvals have been received, the nomination will go to Send to OPS for HR staff to take action. HR will send the nomination to OPS (either by using the Send to OPS mass update function in OAS or manually entering into OPS and Excluding from OPS in OAS). Post HR or FMC (depending on the how your Mission handles the award payments) will then send the payment information via cable to CGFS and attach the formatted Finance Report.

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