General Overview of Groups Follow

In the Arrivals & Departures System the following groups are used to organize users:

Service Provider Groups

Service Provider Groups contain a set of users that all require the same subset of permissions. If a user is in a Service Provider Group they will have the permissions of that group in addition to the permissions they have from any other group or have been assigned individually. You use the Service Provider Groups to set up and to manage the different types of privileges for your users. You grant permission to users by assigning them membership in one or more groups.

Typically it will be the person within your Organization/Post that has been given the Manage Groups & Permissions that will be responsible to make sure that every user that belongs to a specific group has been granted the correct permissions.

Example of a Service Provider Group with assigned permission

Note: Each time that a User is added to this group (from example above) that User will automatically inherit the permissions that were defined for this Service Provider Group, so each time when permissions are added or are revoked all of the users belonging to the Service Provider Group are affected.

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