How to determine a specific person's permissions Follow

In some situations there might be a need to find out a specific person's permissions, in order to find this out follow the steps below:

1. From the Dashboard drop-down menu select Post Management

2. From the Left navigation pane under the section Post Configuration select Manage Permissions

3. Within the section named User Permissions select a user from the drop-down (if the user has already been granted some permissions) and then click on the button View Permissions

Note: If you want to find a user without permissions click on the Find User button

In the example below notice that this user is assigned to the group named ISC Developers and that he has been granted individual permissions to manage PSC Requests and he has also been given permissions to Manage Processes, Forms and Custom Fields. Note, if you wish to revoke and/or assign other permissions for this user click on the Edit button and when done click on Update


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