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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

51 posts, 190 Customers

April, 2018

Webinar Recording:

A webinar was held to review the survey results; it was recorded and is available at the link below for viewing: (for OpenNet please use Internet Explorer or Edge) 

Increase of Customer Satisfaction
Compared to the July, 2017 survey

Overall 30%
Contact Management 20%
Event Management 25%
Campaigns 30%
Lists\MyLists, Seating, Appointments, Incoming Invitations and Gratuities No direct historical data but results were on par with other sections


Best met customer needs:

  • Contact Management (83%)
  • Event Management (65%)
  • Lists/MyLists (11%)

Require improvement:

  • Contact Management (38%)
  • Event Management (35%)
  • Campaigns (27%)


Areas of Improvement

Of the 9 highest priority items to add/update in eContact:

  • 3 are for Contacts
  • 3 are for Campaigns
  • 2 are for Events
  • 1 is for improving error messaging


Highest  Priority Votes
Contacts: Add merge contact feature 52
Event: Bulk edit participants 45
Improve error messaging 58
Event: Add functionality to Filtered/Selected participants (Guest List & Export) 55
Contacts: Add attachment capabilities 50
Campaign: Add Event RSVP Status to Recipients 47
Campaign: Email to Filtered/Selected Recipients 46
Contact: Add a Bio Sheet export template 46
Campaign: Email/PDF - Add predefined Templates to improve invitation consistency 46


High Priority Votes
Event: Add attachment capabilities 43
Seating Chart: Customizable tables/seats (drag/move each seat) 43
Contacts: Add Bulk edit feature 42
Lists: Add additional data columns to members (stats, job title, company name) 42
Campaign: Enable images in email body text - create an online repository of common images for use in campaign email body text 41
Campaign: Add BCC to sender option 37
Lookup Tables: Add export to Excel option 37
Contacts: Add new data fields (Partner Dietary Restrictions, Accessibility Requirements, Partner Accessibility Requirements) 34
Contact Import: Add function to add imported records directly to a Work Item after import  (Event/List/Gratuity) 33


Medium Priority Votes
Contact: Add foreign character support to all contact fields and not just “Local” fields 29
Seating Chart: Add Banquet table with no header/footer seats 29
Integration or templates to use with MyServices (for Visitor Access Requests, etc.) 29
Custom Request: (Enter your highest priority not listed here) (free field) 29
Campaign: Add Label fields as available merge fields 26
Incoming Invitations: Add attachment capabilities 24
Custom Label User Interface 23
Incoming Invitations: Add excel report of all/filtered invitations 20
Incoming Invitations: Add filters 19
Incoming Invitations: Add Sort Features 19


Low Priority Votes
Appointment: Add attachment capabilities 13
Appointment: Add excel report of all/filtered invitations 10
Appointment: Add filters 9
Appointment: Add Sort Features 9



Online Help Center

ADG Support Team

  • 88% Customer satisfaction
  • Better ticket tracking would help improve satisfaction

What can we do to better help support your Local IT Teams and Colleagues in the office?


eContact Updates

  • Next release scheduled for after the 4th of July
  • Extra developers on staff to help with backlog
  • Offline Check-In update planned for early May
    • Training Webinar scheduled for after release
    • Updates listed on “Future of Offline Checkin” in the Help Center



Attached is a copy of the presentation used during the Webinar.




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