How to Add/Update and Removing School Data Follow

If you have been given the permissions to Manage Schools then you can do so by following the steps outlined below:

1. From the Dashboard menu drop-down select Service Provider.

2. From the Left navigation pane within the section Organization Data select Schools, this will open the (Post Name) Schools Management form.

The following actions can be performed within the Schools Management form:

  • Adding a School
  • Editing School information
  • Removing a School

Adding a School :

1. Click on the New button, this will open the Create New School form allowing you to add a new School.

2. From this form you can add a new School, Note: the fields with a yellow background (School Name, Primary Phone and Country) are required fields, when finished entering the information for the school click on the button Add School.

3. The newly added School now appears in the list of 'All Schools' :


Editing a School

1. From within the Schools Management form, select or search for a School from the list that you wish to Edit by clicking on the Edit button, this will open the Edit Schools Details form.

2. From within the Edit Schools Details form you can edit any of the information displayed on the form. When finished making the changes click on the Save Changes button

Removing a School

1. From within the Schools Management form select or search for the school from the list that you wish to remove by entering the name or part of the school name in the Search text-box and then click on the Delete button to remove the School.

2. Click on the OK button to confirm the deletion of the school.





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