Offline Check-In: Installation and Client Access Follow

Older versions obsolete (Server & Client)

Please remove all older offline Server and Client versions before using version 1.1.


1. Copy the Tool to your local PC

2. Start the Server

3. Check in with the Client

Copy the Tool to your local PC

1. Download the offline check-in tool (ZIP)

2. Copy the “econtact-offline-checkin-application” zip folder to the PC/Laptop you will be using as your central data server/

3. Extract the zip file to your desktop or other select location.

Start the Server:

1. Open the eContact Offline Check-In Tool located in the folder you extracted in step 3 by double clicking the “econtact-offline-checkin-server.exe” application.

2. If the following warning appears, you will have to allow access to the application on your network:

3. The server should now be running! 

To upload your event data to the server, please see our How do I get eContact event data in & out of Offline Check-In? guide.

Check in with the Client

1. On the client device, open the browser

2. Enter the server's check-in web address into the browser

Custom Port: The web address includes a custom port :8080 that must be included for the client to be able to access the server. 

*NOTE* If you don't know the web address, the server's check-in web address web address can be found on the server interface under the header "Server Web Address"

You can also scan the QR Code with a supporting app and open the link in the browser with the supporting app 


3. The Check-In client should now be displayed in your browser window

iPhone Example:


Chrome Browser Example:

4. If you are going to be checking in from the save device as the server, the server has a link in its navigation that will open a new check-in client directly.

This will open the following Check-In Client:

That's it!  You can now start checking in your clients!




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