Offline Check-In: Installation and Client Access Follow

Older versions obsolete (Server & Client)

Please remove all older offline Server and Client versions before using version 2.0.

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  • Installing Offline Check-In
  • Starting the application
  • Checking a client
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1. Download and Install the Offline Check-In Application

2. Start the Application

3. Check in with the Client





Download and Install the the Offline Check-In Application

Offline Check-In is now a full fledged application that is able to be installed like a standard program.  It creates a desktop and windows start menu shortcuts for easy access.

1. Download the offline check-in application (.exe)

2. Run the Offline Check-In executable (.exe) to install the application.

Note: If the following warning appears, you will have to allow access to the application on your network so the clients can connect to it:

Start the Application:

1. The application will start automatically after installing but you can always access it using the desktop shortcut or opening it from the windows start menu


2. The Check-In server should now be running! 

To upload your event data to the server, please see our How do I get eContact event data in & out of Offline Check-In? guide.

Check in with the Client

1. On the client device, open the browser

2. Enter the server's check-in web address into the browser

Custom Port: The web address includes a custom port :8080 that must be included for the client to be able to access the server.

*NOTE* If you don't know the web address, the server's check-in web address web address can be found on the server interface under the header "Server Web Address"

You can also scan the QR Code with a supporting app and open the link in the browser with the supporting app


3. The Check-In client should now be displayed in your browser window

iPhone Example:

Chrome Browser Example:

4. If you are going to be checking in from the save device as the server, the server has a link in its navigation that will open a new check-in client directly.

This will open the following Check-In Client:

That's it!  You can now start checking in your clients!


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