v1.11.0 - Release Notes Follow

Released: June 8th 2018

Release Summary

Invite Non Account Holders

Service Providers can now invite new users to the application and fill in the required information on behalf of the user so that registration is unnecessary.  Users can be invited that have existing logins in one of the available tenants, or they can be provided a new login in the Application Development Group's @departmentofstate.onmicrosoft.com tenant.  The latter account's will have to be approved by a system administrator.

Map Additional Account Logins

Users may now use multiple logins to access the same account.  In the Account Settings a user can map a login for each available tenant that can access their account.  If the user doesn't have an @departmentofstate.onmicrosoft.com account, they can request one in case they don't have access to their other logins at any given time.

Rich Text Support

The task description field has been converted to accept rich text and provides a rich text editor.  This supports simple formatting of text and the appropriate formatting for providing hyperlinks.

Updating Arrival & Departure Dates

The arrival date and departure date can now be set outside of the system action tasks.  When these are updated a notification will go out to service providers.

Viewing Permissions

A user may now view their permissions in their account settings to see the Posts and Missions that they have access to in addition to the service provider groups they belong to.

Updated Email Templates

The email template has been improved to display in html that fits the branding of the application.  It has been optimized to be compatible across many email providers.

Additional Bug Fixes

Release v1.11.0 includes a number of bug fixes reported by service providers.  Additional communication to service providers will occur in response to any open Zendesk help tickets.



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