eContact troubleshooting: General errors Follow

Have you seen an error that doesn't tell you what to do? Error: Error?

With eContact's complexity and age, and most critically the highly variable data imported to eContact from CMD, unexpected errors certainly can come up. If you see a vague error message that you don't understand, don't hesitate to send the following to us in a support request:

  • Your post
  • The record number(s) where you see these errors (eg. a contact's "person number" or an event's "event number")
  • The actions you took before the error appeared (Examples: "I ran a filter to grab people with X and quick added them into Event number Y" or "I added a new category [category number or name] and tried to link person number Z to it")
  • And a screenshot, preferably showing the address bar and error message

When you've got all that, send it by email to and CC 


Tip: Many errors that require extra effort to manage result from deleted records - Please do not delete records that have been linked to any other record. When in doubt, just deactivate it by adding a "deactivation date" in the past.



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