v1.12.0 - Release Notes Follow

Released: June 29th 2018

Release Summary

Pending Dependencies

When dependencies are used for tasks inside of processes, you can now view the pending dependencies that remain for completing a task item.  This has been a highly requested feature.

Service Provider Groups

Inside of processes, tasks that are assigned to Service Provider Groups list the group name.  Now the group is clickable to see the members of the group that are assigned the task.

Searchable Dropdowns

The default dropdown (or select) used throughout the application now provides a search box to easily filter the results for selection.

Changing Arrival & Departure Dates

There are now more accessible "Set" and "Change" buttons for the arrival and departure dates inside of the Post Assignment Details page.

Updates to Account Invitations

Some known barriers remained with inviting State.gov accounts using the Account Invitations feature, but that is now fully implemented and can be used for any account.

Additional Bug Fixes

Release v1.12.0 includes a number of bug fixes reported by service providers.  Additional communication to service providers will occur in response to any open Zendesk help tickets.



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