How to extract the employee positions out of Post Personnel (WebPass) Follow

Are you being asked to provide position numbers and other position data for import to the Arrival and Departure System?

Are you being asked to bank a list of preexisting position numbers prior to migration to the Overseas Personnel System (OPS)?

Follow the following steps to generate two ad hoc queries in WebPASS (one for USDHs and one for LES) with the data you'll want to bank before switching off Post Personnel for either of these applications.

Extracting the American employees positions 

1. From within WebPass select Post Personnel, then select the node American, select Reports and then select Ad Hoc Queries


2. Click on the Add button


3. On the form Add Ad-Hoc Query expand both the Positions and the Employees node 

4. Select the following fields from the left window (Available Tables And Fields) :

  • [Positions].Post Description
  • [Positions].Position Number
  • [Positions].Position Title Description
  • [Positions].Pay Plan Code
  • [Positions].Pay Class Step
  • [Positions].Position Skill Description
  • [Employees].Language Description
  • [Employees].Language Reading
  • [Employees].Language Speaking
  • [Employees].Funding Description

and after each selection click on the Add button to move the selected fields to the right window (Selected Tables And Fields), when done give the Query a meaningful name and click on the Save button.

5. Select the Query name that you just saved and click on the Preview button to open the result set.  


 6. With the result set open click on the Export button to Export the Positions data to an Excel worksheet.


7. Select a File location where you wish to save the exported data to


8. Browse to the location where you wish to store the Excel file to and enter a File name, when done click on the Select button

9. Click on the Save button to start exporting the data to the Excel workbook


10. Open the Excel file and rename the column names in the Excel file

  • Rename [Positions].Post Description to Post
  • Rename [Positions].Position Number to Number
  • Rename [Positions].Position Title Description to Title
  • Rename [Positions].Position Number to Number
  • Merge [Positions].Pay Plan Code + [Positions].Pay Class Step into one new column and name the column Grade
  • Rename [Positions].Position Skill Description to Position Skill
  • Rename [Positions].Funding Description to ICASS Code




2. Name the new column Grade

3. Merge the Columns E ([Positions].Pay Plan Code) and ([Positions].Pay Class Step) using the CONCATENATE Function (See Screenshot below)

4. Select Column E and F and click on Delete


Extracting the LES employee Positions

Select the node Local, select reports and then select Ad Hoc Queries. Perform the same steps as for Extracting the American employees positions.






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