v.1.10 - Release Notes Follow

Release notes - eContact - Version 1.10

We are pleased to announce that eContact version 1.10 was released and all the latest functionality is available to you right now.

Campaign: Added the functionality to add images to the email body
It is now possible to add pre-selected online images to the body of your emails in Campaigns.  Each image is available in three sizes: small, normal and large.

These images are hosted online using the ADG Cloud Services and are limited to generic all-purpose images that all posts can use.  


Campaign: Update location of Sender
We have updated the location of the Sender to be above the tabs and always visible.  We hope this helps ensure what email is used as the sender and make it easier to switch senders before clicking send



Campaign: Added "Send copy as BCC to sender" option
You can now add yourself to the BCC of every email that eContact sends out using Campaigns

Appointments: Add excel Export option
It is not possible to export the list of appointments with all their data in Excel format


Incoming Invitations: Add excel Export option
It is not possible to export the list of Incoming Invitations with all their data in Excel format


List: Add additional data columns to RadGrid
Lists now display the Job Title and Company name of the contact


Seating: Fixed bug when adding a custom table as the first table where it didn’t display the correct seats

Import Contacts: Fixed bug on importing when either the option “Update” or “Insert or Update” was selected that caused the import not to update any records

Campaign MergePDFs: Garamond font is now working as expected in merged PDFs.


To see what has been accomplished in regards to the requested features from our April/May survey, please visit our development status page: https://adgsupport.state.gov/hc/en-us/articles/360006932513-eContact-Development-Progress-and-Release-Schedule

 A lot of other functionality has already been started and are planned to be included in the scheduled version 1.11 release:

  • Contact: Bulk/Global change feature (In testing)
  • Participants: Performance updates (In Testing)
  • LookUp Tables: add Excel exports (In Development)
  • And more…



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