v1.11 - Release Notes Follow

Release notes - eContact - Version 1.11

We are pleased to announce that eContact version 1.11 was released and all the latest functionality is available to you right now.

Contacts: Batch Update functionality added

You can now batch update a group of contact and in that process decide if data should be added or removed from the records:

1. Open Batch Update

2. Select Records to update


3. Update standard fields with new Data

4. And Add or Remove complex fields

Participants: Updated for performance enhancements

The participant list has been updated to increase performance; we hope you can tell the difference when managing your participants and their guests.  One example of greatly increased performance is when expanding the participant record to view the guests for that participant.  It should now be instantaneous when previously there was always a delay when expanding.

Basic Export: Responsible Officer data is now included in the export

The field “Responsible Officer” is now included in the basic exports.

Cloning: Manually added Labels are no longer being cloned.

Participant Batch Update: Fixed various bugs and increased reliability 



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