Check-In System Action Task Follow

What is a System Action? 

A System action is a pre-configured Task Type that is globally available at the System Level of the Arrivals and Departures System. There are several System Actions available for the three main core processes :

  • Pre-Arrival
  • Check-In
  • Check-Out

As of the writing of this article one System Action task is available for use for the check-in process.

!! Only to be used for Check-In purposes of Locally Engaged Staff (LES).

Check-In System Action :

Set National ID

Steps to follow :

1. Select System Action from the Task Type drop-down

2. Select Set National Id from the System action Drop-down

Screenshot - Task selection Set National ID

3. Continue completing the rest of the Task by entering the Display information, the Assignment information, etc... see Screenshot below.

Note: The System action task Set National ID will need to be assigned to the User and will thus need to be completed by the employee who is going through the Pre-Arrival process. The Owner for this task will typically be the Human Resources Section at post.

** When the Pre-Arrival process is published then the Task looks like this for the User :








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