CMD and eContact to CRM Data Migration Follow

Posts moving to the Salesforce-powered CRM (Contact Relationship Management) platform from IIP are provided with a data import template from IIP that must be populated with post’s contact data.

To assist posts using CMD or eContact, The EUR Regional Support Center (RSC) in Frankfurt has provided the initial build of a CMD/eContact data export script, targeting the CRM import requirements as of November, 2018.

RSC has pledged to continue active development and training for eContact and stands ready to provide a bulk export of post's data on request, but posts using CMD have exclusive access to their data and are responsible for their own data exports.

eContact posts:

Send the name(s) of the post(s) that need their data exported.

Writing to us from a tri-mission or a post with one or more consulates? If your sister missions or daughter posts maintain a separate eContact site or CMD database, please have a known POC for each post contact us: Unlike CRM, data ownership in the eContact model is strictly linked to the post.

CMD posts: 

CMD posts are responsible for exporting their own data for the CRM migration.  To assist with this, the EUR Regional Support Center has created a Data Migration Script and guide for you.  It is available at the following Diplopedia link (OpenNet required). This script requires CMD 10.3 or later.






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