How to register yourself in ADS from Non-OpenNet (Internet/Home) using your account and password issued by the system Follow

1. Use a web browser to visit 

2. Click the Sign In link at the top right of the Main Menu Bar

3. Click the ADG Issued Microsoft Account option from the Sign In Menu

 4. Select Sign in with a username and password

5. Select "Work or school account" 


6. Enter your password

7. Enter alternate mobile phone number and email address if requested by the system for future account verification purposes.

8. Perform the Registration process:

When you are registering yourself in the Arrivals & Departures System, you have three options. Here's what each involve in a nutshell:

Arrivals & New Hires is for Arrivals and new hires including Foreign Service and other Agency personnel arriving at post and new hires leaving FSI.

Incumbents & Departures is for incumbent and departures including existing personnel, all employment types, and those that are registering to begin a departure.

Service Providers is for post personnel that will be acting as administrators within the system that do not intend to transfer.

                                                  Please make sure to select the correct option!

9. Completing your Registration information:

During the registration process you will be required to complete Employee, Contact, Residence, Passport, Household and Assignment information.

10. Finalize your Registration:

When all of the required registration information has been completed you can either Edit your Registration or Complete your Registration

11. Account Registration Pending:

After having submitted your registration your Account will be Registration Pending. Someone from the gaining post will need to approve your pending registration.

12. Account Request Approved:

Once your registration has been approved you will receive an automatic generated email (see below) in your inbox titled 'Request Approved'. To return to the Arrivals & Departures System click on the link in the Email named Arrival & Departure System or open your browser and enter






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