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The Arrivals and Departures System (ADS) is a whole of mission commitment.  All service providers and offices involved in the pre-arrival, check-in and check-out process for transferring employees need to be engaged for ADS to be a success at any mission.

Step 1:  Ensure Management Support

In order to get started with ADS, the mission Management Counselor must be on board to ensure a whole of mission commitment to implement ADS.  ADS is very powerful and flexible to meet a broad range of mission needs, and it requires some dedicated time to set up for a mission to use it effectively to model and track employee transfers.  The Management Counselor must also assign a primary and secondary point of contact (POC) to lead the implementation of ADS at your mission.  Ideally, the primary POC is a senior LE staff who has visibility into multiple parts of the transfer process (i.e. GSO, HRO, MGT).  Neither primary nor secondary POC requires extensive IT or technical background, just a good working relationship with the IRM office in your mission.

Step 2:  Submit your interest to the ADG Product Catalog

The ADG Product Catalog is the place to "sign up" for ADS deployment.  The ADS product page includes a green button called "register your post."  Click there and complete the short form to establish the POCs assigned by the Management Counselor.  One of our deployment staff will contact the POCs to discuss additional tasks and timelines for deployment.

Step 3:  Export Position Data (currently from WebPass)

ADS requires position number and name to assign tasks and roles for both transferring employees and service providers.  Follow this article on position data export.  After the export is complete, we can help you import your position data into ADS.  We recommend that posts do this right away, prior to OPS deployment in your region if possible.






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