Overview of the Arrival and Departure System Follow

The Arrival & Departure System or ADS, was built to provide a framework for any mission or organization to track and manage their check-in and check-out process, with visibility for the employee, service providers, and mission/organization management.

ADS was approved by the Department of State in 2018 to handle and store SBU and PII data.

ADS provides many advantages such as providing:

  • native state.gov authentication which allows for Single Sign-On (SSO) from OpenNet and the Internet
  • a highly stable and secure environment hosted on the Microsoft Azure FedRAMP approved cloud
  • access for both users regardless of having a state.gov account; meaning this system fully supports usage by any agency staff.
  • a single profile for a user that applies to every transfer
  • transparency in the process to employees, service providers and mission/organization management
Note: For individuals with OpenNet access please watch our Overview Video.





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