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Pre-requisite: Before deployment can begin, a Deployment Request will need to be submitted via the Product Catalog (OpenNet link).


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It is our goal to get ADS into your hands as quickly as possible. We are currently scheduling deployments and look forward to partnering with you.

Phased Deployment

ADS deployment occurs in three (3) phases:



Phase 1: Initiation


During the Initiation phase we will work with your post/mission/organization to establish points of contact, coordinate local staff, gather initial setup information and establish the baseline schedule.

Phase 2: Training & Initial Configuration

During the Training phase we will work with your your post/mission/organization to schedule and conduct specialized training sessions for your Service Providers and your Administrators. During this phase your administrators will work with Service Providers, Implementation Advisers and ADG staff to create initial Pre-Arrival, Check-In and Check-Out processes.

Phase 3: Final Configuration and Verification

During the Final Configuration and Verification phase your post/mission/organization will implement and complete the necessary Pre-Arrival, Check-In and Check-Out processes in preparation for Go Live and set a Go Live date.

Phase 4: Go Live

The ADG Team will guide you on getting your post live with the Implementation Advisers.

Staff Involved

ADS is a robust application that impacts most areas of a post/mission/organization. Part of the success of deployment comes from good engagement organization wide but the smoothest deployments are lead one or two experienced staff at your post/mission/organization.

ADS_Participants.pngPrimary Participants

Primary participants are staff that will assist in day to day progress towards a production launch for your organization. These participants are the backbone of the ADS deployment.

Secondary Participants

Secondary participants are staff that will assist on some specific deployment tasks and training.


There are no direct costs to your post/mission/organization. However, if you have resources that are interested in participating in ongoing multi-regional operations in any capacity we would more than welcome their assistance.




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